Become a Partner of the Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana

The Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana appreciates your support in ensuring the success in this monumental effort.

Your support as a partner is important. Here’s why:

  • Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese.  The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese.  If we don’t solve this problem, one third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives.  Many others will face chronic obesity- related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma (Centers for Disease Control 2012)
  • The obesity epidemic affects every state in every country, but the states, cities, and towns with the highest rates of obesity are paying the steepest price (SWLA).  Businesses are reluctant to locate in areas with a population, particularly the future workforce that is unhealthy.  High health care costs and lower productivity are unattractive to employers and investors.
  • Reversing the obesity epidemic will require all of us to work together as individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses, government, and other organizations to find ways to make healthier choices easier for millions of Americans who want and need additional support to stay healthy.  Policies and programs can help lower health care costs and improve worker productivity which makes communities more attractive to businesses.

The goal of the partnership program is to combine the strengths of local governments, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, media, businesses and others to encourage, educate, and empower our communities through programs that promote a healthier Southwest Louisiana.  Eat Wise, Be Active, Live Well

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