Welcome New Members

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Jackie Tabor– Roll Indoor Cycling

Ryan Clemmons– Pink Life

Stephanie Chretien– Foreman Reynaud Community Center

Melanie McMullen & Fran Avery– Crave Gourmet LLC

Liz Fuselier– Sassy Oil and Vinegar LLC

Peggy Kelley-PDI of the South

Hali Habetz and Jason Holder– Pure Press Juicery

Dr.Mertz– La Chiropractic and Wellness Centers

Natalie Clark– Knight Media

Justin Keasley– Just It Personal Training

Lacey Carter-CPPJ

Claire Forbes– CPPJ

Beth Rist– Ward 3 Recreation Center Enos Darbonne Sports Complex

Marcus Sawyer– MicroNet LLC

Melissa Bullard– RN

Rachel and Arlond Goodell– Welcome to Calcasieu Parish!

Julia O’Caroll– Era Helicopters

Souriya Lanavanh– MSU

Erin Davidson– Business Health Partners

Lela Belton– 60 Day Challenge

Ellen Papania– Christus Athletic Club

Kai Ackley– McNeese State University Pre-Med Society

Lynn Thibodeaux– Vinton High School/FCCLA

Derek Hasha– Our Gardens Grow

Nicole Goodly–  Calcasieu Parish Pupil Appraisal Department

Ramona Compton– Christus Athletic Club

Jenny Barrow-MSU College of Nursing

Jacob Manceaux– Cash & Carry Farmer’s Market

Mona Dosier-Zydeco Fitness LLC/Ward 3 Recreation Center

Pauline Hurst-Greater St Mary Baptist

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