Fit Kids

Fit Kids pics

Fit Kids is a joint project of Junior League of Lake Charles’s Kid’s in the Kitchen project and Partnership for Healthier SWLA.  It is a 6 week program that will be piloted to 5th graders at Oak Park Elementary School and Dolby Elementary School. The program, lead by a team of professionals, will focus on Fitness and Nutrition. Some fitness activities include warm ups and cool downs, cardio endurance, strength training, and games such as dodge ball, soccer, and kickball. Students will also have fun learning about nutrition with sessions on proper plate portions, label reading, a virtual grocery store tour, a healthy snack cooking demo, healthy food choices. Each 6 week session will end with a Game Day for students to practice what they have learned.

Summer Fit Kids

Fit kids launched last year as pilot project at the MLK summer day camp to include all children ages 5-12.  This year, it was expanded to 6 summer cap sites: 3 in Lake Charles and 3 in the rural areas of Gillis, Vinton, and Starks.  Certified trainers worked with the children to provide group trainings that were designed to be fun but very active for one hour twice a week.  The 8 week curriculum included a 15 minute introduction and warm-up consisting of light jogging, agility drills, and stretching, a 30 minute work out of the day consisting of a full body work out using body weight movements, 15-20 minutes of cardiovascular activity to get their heart rates up.  Games like ship to shore, 3-legged relay races, circuit training, dodge ball, limbo and dance aerobics to name a few were also incorporated into the cardio portion of the curriculum so the kids could have fun and not feel like they were working out.  The last 5 minutes of the session consisted of cool down and nutrition education.