Eat Healthy SWLA

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Eat Healthy SWLA – Restaurant Initiative

The average American eats out an average of 4x per week and spends over half of their disposable cash on eating out. Eat Healthy Southwest Louisiana is a push to partner local restaurant owners and chefs with registered dietitians to help put some healthy meal options on their menu.  We also educate regarding environmental and behavioral changes that can be made to become healthier.  The EH designated menu items contain low calories (under 600), low sodium (under 800 mg), low fat (under 10% from saturated fat). There are  separate guidelines for appetizers, soups, salads and dessert.  Menu items meeting the standard will be highlighted on the menu with a green fork icon. Our EH dietitian carefully analyzes each new meal option utilizing Food Processor® software and will kick it back, with helpful recommendations, if the entree isn’t within the guidelines. The wait staff is also part of the initiative and provided training to help them assist customers wanting to make healthy choices.  Click on the Eat Healthy tab for more information.


Our  flagship partnering restaurants are:


Luna Bar & Gril

Gatti’s Pizza Sulphur and Lake Charles

Lake Charles Country Club

Delta Downs

Stellar Bean

Pitt Grill

Hey Man Chicken Fingers

Lake Area Medical Center

Leonard’s Food Quarters

West Cal Cam Hospital




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