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Trailblazers gear up for their 1st Sunday Funday Run/Walk

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Do you enjoy running? Walking? Or biking? How about nature? Why not combine all three? The Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana and the Lake Area Runners has teamed up to create the Lake Area’s first Trail Running Group for the community. The official name for the group is the Trail Blazers. The group will run/walk at Sam Houston Jones State Park located at 107 Sutherland Rd in Moss Bluff, La 70611 every Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. beginning September 13, 2015. The community is invited and encouraged to participate. “Being in nature is good for you” says Partnership Coordinator Danielle Edwards, “getting exercise is not only good for your heart; it produces natural endorphins that leave you feeling happier and calmer.

Trail running has seen exponential growth across the U.S. in recent years, and is poised to become one of the most popular outdoor active pursuits in the United States. This is true for both new and experienced runners, “trail running offers a number of benefits that can help you enjoy your running more, protect yourself from injuries, and even improve your race times on the roads and on the track.” Says John O’Donnell, President of the Lake Area Runners. For more information, please call the Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana at 478-4822, Ext 16 or go to

LSU AGCenter and Partnership to Host Chef Camp for Kids

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The Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana is partnering with the LSU AgCenter to host Summer Chef Camp for kids to promote fruit & vegetable consumption in children living in low income households. The first camp will be held June 1-4 from 8:30a.m.-2:30 p.m. at Greater St. Mary Church. The second camp will be held June 22-25 at Mount Pilgrim Church and the last one will be At the AgCenter July 13-16. Sessions are divided into two components: a tasting activity and a cooking activity.  The tasting activity introduces the children to different fruit & vegetable varieties.


Eat Healthy SWLA

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Eat Healthy SWLA – Restaurant Initiative

The average American eats out an average of 4x per week and spends over half of their disposable cash on eating out. Eat Healthy Southwest Louisiana is a push to partner local restaurant owners and chefs with registered dietitians to help put some healthy meal options on their menu.  We also educate regarding environmental and behavioral changes that can be made to become healthier.  The EH designated menu items contain low calories (under 600), low sodium (under 800 mg), low fat (under 10% from saturated fat). There are  separate guidelines for appetizers, soups, salads and dessert.  Menu items meeting the standard will be highlighted on the menu with a green fork icon. Our EH dietitian carefully analyzes each new meal option utilizing Food Processor® software and will kick it back, with helpful recommendations, if the entree isn’t within the guidelines. The wait staff is also part of the initiative and provided training to help them assist customers wanting to make healthy choices.  Click on the Eat Healthy tab for more information.


Our  flagship partnering restaurants are:


Luna Bar & Gril

Gatti’s Pizza Sulphur and Lake Charles

Lake Charles Country Club

Delta Downs

Stellar Bean

Pitt Grill

Hey Man Chicken Fingers

Lake Area Medical Center

Leonard’s Food Quarters

West Cal Cam Hospital




Start Walking Calcasieu! City Challenge Winner- Mayor Hardy & the City of Westlake

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Start Walking Calcasieu! City Challenge “Walk with your Mayor”

Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for all premature deaths. It contributes significantly to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer — even depression and Alzheimer’s.  In Calcasieu Parish alone, the obesity rate of 37.3% is higher than the state and national averages making the state of Louisiana the unhealthiest and most obese state in the nation.  Local mayors decided to tackle these statistics head on by educating the community about the benefits of walking as a lifelong exercise.  Each of the six local mayors will host walks in their respective communities during the month of May to get their constituents moving.

The winner of the 2015 Start Walking Calcasieu! City Challenge is…Mayor Hardy and the City of Westlake with 4.2% of the population participating at the walk or pledged online to walk towards better health.

Start Walking Calcasieu! City Challenge is a Partnership for a Healthier SWLA initiative made possible by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation’s Challenge Grant for a Healthier Louisiana.  For more information, please call the Partnership for a Healthier Southwest Louisiana at 478-4822, Ext 16 or go to

KISS Project wraps up in Vinton

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The K.I.S.S. Project (Keep It Simple Sister), a free, 10 week, comprehensive weight loss program geared specifically towards women wanting to lose 20 pounds or more has wrapped up in Vinton with 29 women completing the program losing a total of 103 pounds and 252 inches.  Congratulations to the participants!


Welcome New Members

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Jackie Tabor– Roll Indoor Cycling

Ryan Clemmons– Pink Life

Stephanie Chretien– Foreman Reynaud Community Center

Melanie McMullen & Fran Avery– Crave Gourmet LLC

Liz Fuselier– Sassy Oil and Vinegar LLC

Peggy Kelley-PDI of the South

Hali Habetz and Jason Holder– Pure Press Juicery

Dr.Mertz– La Chiropractic and Wellness Centers

Natalie Clark– Knight Media

Justin Keasley– Just It Personal Training

Lacey Carter-CPPJ

Claire Forbes– CPPJ

Beth Rist– Ward 3 Recreation Center Enos Darbonne Sports Complex

Marcus Sawyer– MicroNet LLC

Melissa Bullard– RN

Rachel and Arlond Goodell– Welcome to Calcasieu Parish!

Julia O’Caroll– Era Helicopters

Souriya Lanavanh– MSU

Erin Davidson– Business Health Partners

Lela Belton– 60 Day Challenge

Ellen Papania– Christus Athletic Club

Kai Ackley– McNeese State University Pre-Med Society

Lynn Thibodeaux– Vinton High School/FCCLA

Derek Hasha– Our Gardens Grow

Nicole Goodly–  Calcasieu Parish Pupil Appraisal Department

Ramona Compton– Christus Athletic Club

Jenny Barrow-MSU College of Nursing

Jacob Manceaux– Cash & Carry Farmer’s Market

Mona Dosier-Zydeco Fitness LLC/Ward 3 Recreation Center

Pauline Hurst-Greater St Mary Baptist